Miss America


miss america ugly

I just read about tomorrow night’s Miss America pageant format changes- no swim suits and no evening gowns. The panel of experts will not judge at all on the physical appearance of the contestants, but rather on “what comes out of their mouths” as was stated by one of the head honchos. So, why do every single one of them (that I also just now looked at) look made-up to be like movie stars— BEAUTY QUEENS! They should be just as plain and un-made-up as they can be, if looks don’t matter any more. Heck, if all we need are their voices to hear  “what comes out of their mouths” concerning their dreams, their goals, their social platforms, and their accomplishments; then lets just listen to it on the radio. If we’re gonna make it “looks don’t matter” then lets really make it “looks don’t matter” and haul in the plainest, Jane-est ones we can find; just make sure they have beautiful souls, and let that be that. And I guess now we can’t call it a beauty pageant. . . maybe we call it a personality pageant, or an upstanding ideals pageant, or a How-I’m-Gonna-Change-the-World pageant. Personally, I call bullcrap! (At least we still have Miss USA.)


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